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We are the local car wash you can count on to get the next-level clean that your vehicle deserves.

Are you looking for a local car wash in the Mooresville, North Carolina area with 24-hour availability and various options to suit your needs? If so, you have come to the right place. At Finishline Car Wash, we want to help you enjoy the feeling of a clean car, inside and out. We believe in offering options because we know your vehicle might need a thorough cleaning one time and just a light wash the next. We also know you might have a preference between a soft wash and a touch-free wash, so we offer both, as well as self-serve, coin-operated washing. With vending machines and a vacuum station to round out our offerings, there is no reason to go to any other local car wash.

Local Car Wash in Mooresville, North Carolina

If you haven’t been by to see us lately, you are in for a treat. Since taking over this local car wash, our owners have made significant improvements to ensure you get the next-level clean that your vehicle deserves. We’re open around the clock, which ensures that you can take care of cleaning your vehicle according to your schedule and be able to respond quickly should a messy situation come up, like parking in an unlucky place and ending up with tree sap or bird droppings on your vehicle.

We are confident that one visit to our local car wash will convince you that it can’t get any easier or affordable to keep your vehicle looking its best. Protect the investment you have made in your vehicle, as well as your reputation, by having a clean car you’ll love to drive around in. Contact us today with any questions you might have.