How Our Local Car Wash Stands Out [infographic]

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No one wants to drive around in a car covered in dirt, sap, bird droppings, and insects. Even if these aren’t stuck on your windshield or affecting your visibility as you drive, they are visible to everyone else around you. If you prefer to ride in style knowing that your car looks sleek and clean, turn to us at Finishline Car Wash in Mooresville, North Carolina. Here’s what makes our local car wash stand out:

  • 24-Hour Availability- Clean your car anytime when you visit our local car wash. We’re open 24 hours a day, so you can get a car wash whenever it’s most convenient for your schedule.

How Our Local Car Wash Stands Out

  • Self-Service Bays- Our self-service bays allow you to wash your car yourself if you so choose. Each bay is very spacious to accommodate vehicles of many sizes.
  • Vacuums- If you want your car’s interior to be as spotless as its exterior, we provide vacuums, so you can suck up any dust, crumbs, or debris.
  • Tiered Pricing- We offered tiered pricing for both our soft-touch and touch-free car washes, allowing you to select the package that best fits your desired level of clean and your budget.
  • Automatic Car Washes- Sit back and relax with an automatic car wash. We offer both soft cloth and touch-free car washes, which are gentler than conventional automatic car washes.
  • Touchless Pay Options- Today, reducing contact with other people’s germs is more important than ever. We offer touchless pay if you want to reduce your exposure.

Visit our local car wash today for unparalleled services and great prices.